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Welcome to the home of tanbrit tiny goats at tanbrit lodge located on 16 acres in Winston Salem, NC. We have been raising goats for 15 years starting out with 4-H projects, my daughter showed our Nubian and La mancha goats. We have also had experience, when living in the UK, raising and showing golden guernsey goats (a rare breed). We are now proud to raise correct, healthy, friendly and colorful registered Nigerian Dwarfs and Miniature Nubians. All kids are bottle fed for ease of handling, so are good for pet homes or breeding. Tanbrit lodge is also home to our 2 rescued Great Pyranees dogs, Scooby and Bentley, who do a good job as guardians to our livestock. Kidding season usually takes place in January and February, so we have kids and occasionally adults for sale in the Spring. This is a CAE negative tested herd. All goats are registered. NDGA,AGS ADGAOR MDGA. Please email or call us at sjjinnah@hotmail.com 336.788.2454
*note: Please call before 9:00 p.m.

Click below for pictures of some of our Does and Bucks.